Hummus, barbecue, sorbet … discover 10 Cyril Lignac recipes to enjoy the return of the sun


That’s all ! The sunny days are back. After a few weeks of cold weather over much of the country, the sun’s rays are expected to increase mercury this Easter weekend. As a result, if you have a garden, outdoor lunches or dinners will be back in vogue.

True protagonist of the summer, the barbecue will also scatter the dust accumulated during the winter months. However, grilled meats aren’t the only dishes available right now. In good weather, fruit season returns.

Running out of ideas for preparing your own meal? Don’t panic, find out now 10 recipe ideas from Cyril Lignac. Sweet or savory, fruit or vegetables, aperitif or dessert … There is something for everyone! Rest assured, finally, everything on offer is accessible whatever your level in the kitchen.

1. A refreshing mint syrup in less than 30 minutes

To start, we take a cup of water, a cup of sugar and put a cup full of mint leaves. Next, we heat the water with the sugar to get the sugar. Next, we take the mint leaves without the stem and cook them in boiling water. In the bowl pour the cooled syrup with the blanched mint leaves and we mix 30 seconds until the syrup and mint are well blended.

Then let’s go rest 15 minutes and pass it through a sieve. This syrup can be stored for at least 2 weeks in the refrigerator. We can also make small ice cubes and it gives us a frozen syrup that we can put in a strawberry salad, for example. Or you can also whip whipped cream and pour syrup over it for a mint whipped cream for red fruits this summer.

2. An original hummus for an aperitif …

You already need the chickpeas, add a little lemon and water and you cook them. Hence, they will really soften. You throw them in a colander, then mix them 150 g of tahini. It is a sesame cream based on toasted sesame and a little water. This gives us flavors that work great with chickpeas.

When it is well blended, add the lemon juice, salt, a little pepper. We pour it into a salad bowl and you can add the hard-boiled eggs to the hummus. Accompany it with pita bread or toast rubbed with garlic. It is delicious as an aperitif or as a dish to accompany meat stews.

3. … or a creamy tzatziki to start the meal

First you need to choose the Yogurt : you can choose between goat yogurt or traditional yogurt. Then you have to prepare the cucumber: peel it, remove the small seeds, grate it finely. Add a minced garlic clove, olive oil and mix with the Greek yogurt, with wine vinegar have a sour touch.

So, either we put the cucumber slices, or we leave it as it is with some Espelette pepper and olive oil. Aside, Cyril Lignac loves making little salads, little meze, but we can too toast with olive oil and eat the tzaziki on it.

4. A marinade for your grilled meats

To prepare it you need 130 g of sugar, a tablespoon of water. Add a spoonful of garlic. While the caramel prepares, add to spoonful of red pepper puree or Espelette pepper, then a tablespoon of smoked pepper or smoked paprika. we leave cook 10 minutes and add the red wine. And when it is well syrupy, put it in an iced salad bowl with 30cl of red wine and salt. Let the marinade cool, pour it over the meat and let it “cool”. 10-15 minutes. For the cutlet, Cyril Lignac recommends eating it as it is.

5. For dessert, pair with strawberry soup

First of all, you need to choose ripe strawberries. For a strawberry soup, you can afford to take damaged and spoiled strawberries, which are often cheaper from the market gardener. There is absolutely no point in buying very nice strawberries for a brothinsists Cyril Lignac.

In a mortar we crush coriander and mint leaves. To this, we add 20 grams of brown sugar and lemon juice. Then we put 300 grams of strawberries in a water bath. Let’s add a background of water and our previous blend. Close tightly and leave everything in a bain-marie. The strawberries will turn white, because cooking will remove the juice from the strawberries, without having the pulp of the strawberries.

We then filter with a small colander, but without crushing. This is where we get the elixir, the quintessential strawberry flavor. Next, we cut the other strawberries, mix them with the syrup and let them cool. You can add whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and a little orange supreme to bring freshness.

6. Tropical or red fruit: smoothies for all tastes

The smoothie, it’s super nutritious, it’s a fruit juice with proteins. So, it’s not a full breakfast, but it’s excellent in the morning. Cyril Lignac offers two versions of the smoothie: a tropical one with 150 grams of pineapple and mango, that we prepare and freeze. To make smoothies it is always good to freeze fresh fruit, because when you put it in the blender, you mix it and this creates an emulsion. We add half a fresh banana, a teaspoon of raw shelled hemp, it’s a good protein which thickens the smoothie, two tablespoons of coconut and nut flour and 30cl of almond milk and a little water.

For the second recipe, we use strawberries, when it is season we put them in the freezer. Add the pineapple, 30 g of oatmeal, 2 teaspoons of grated coconut, Chia seeds and coconut milk.

7. If you have cantaloupe, bet on simplicity

The melon, 100% French product, very seasonal, has its own particularities. The cantaloupe melon, for example, is grown in the Pope’s gardens in Rome. But the best known remains the Charentais melon, but Cyril Lignac prefers the Philibon melon, which comes directly from Guadeloupe.

The best preparation: peel it and eat it as it is. But if you want to eat it a little salty, it goes very well with olive oil, fresh goat cheese, balsamic. You have to cut the melon into cubes, put it in a salad bowl, I put some fresh cheese on it. We could add pieces of figs, pecans and olive oil.

When there is some melon left, we mix it, with the watermelon, it makes a fresh fruit soup. And on the barbecue, we put aluminum foil with olive oil, then shrimp, tomatoes and chorizo ​​and at the last moment, add diced melon for freshness.

8. Rather than a salad, enjoy a cucumber soup

Peel the cucumbers, cut them in half, remove the seeds. We cut them into slices, put them in a salad bowl with coarse salt and leave them there overnight to remove the water from the cucumber. Then we put them in a small blender and Cyril Lignac specifies that he adds “always of The lawyer to add texture.

We add a few little mint leaves to bring freshness and green chillies to give some warmth and spice because otherwise “it’s a bit bland,” according to Chef Lignac.

Separately, mix a tablespoon of fresh goat cheese with sesame oil, Espelette pepper, some finely chopped mint leaves and add the cucumber soup. in a glass. Add the diced cucumbers. You can put small pieces of tomatoes, small Pecans and above, a spoonful of goat cheese.

9. Chimichurri sauce: Argentine flavors to kick off the barbecue season

You should know that this is a recipe that arrives from Argentina. It is spicy and is used for marinating or simply for soaking meat. To cook it, we take 50 g of jalapeno peppers that we peel and sow to eliminate the spicy. Leave the other 50 g of these peppers whole. Add an orange zest and 10 g of coarse salt and drain the peppers.

Then let’s take 150 g of mixed herbs : coriander, mint, parsley and put them to cook in boiling water. We cool them in water and add 35cl of olive oil, two cloves of garlic, 35 g of shallots, a teaspoon of cumin, salt and mix everything together. The juice of the peppers is added to this sauce. Put the meat to marinate or dip the grilled meat in the chimichurri sauce.

10. A red fruit sorbet in less than 10 minutes

We take strawberries and raspberries that we clean and put in a small tray in the freezer. The next day, the fruit is taken out a little early or put in the microwave for 20 seconds to defrost. In a blender, add condensed milk, or soy milk or hibiscus red tea with aa spoonful of honey,

Pour in the milk and mix to have the frozen fruit pulp that will make an instant homemade sorbet. You can add whipped cream and fresh fruit to your dessert.

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