Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE hob test: affordable induction


Editor's rating: 4 out of 5

Ease of use

Aesthetically, the Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE hob does not reinvent the wheel. Like almost all of its competitors, it adopts a classic glossy black finish. The squares used to indicate the best location of the containers are more original and have the advantage of being much more practical than the crosses used by Electrolux on the EIS6448 Series 700, for example.

Good point, the size of the squares is proportional to the power of the inductors; you will therefore know very quickly where to put the large pot full of salted water for the pasta or the delicate gravy boat in which the Sichuan pepper sauce is simmering.

The serigraphs help to position the tools well.

The serigraphs help to position the tools well.

Overall, the Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE gives the impression of being very easy to master. The screen prints that adorn the control panel are clear and, at first glance, you almost instinctively know how to program your plate manually. After turning on the device, you start by choosing the zone, the power of which must be changed by touching one of the buttons decorated with a diagram of the plate. The relative electronic indicator then displays the number 0 and the power is modulated using the “plus” and “minus” buttons in the center of the control panel: it couldn’t be simpler. A direct adjustment would, however, have made it possible to gain in reactivity.

As an entry-level hob, it has only nine power levels when the more advanced models have 14 or even 15, allowing the most demanding chefs to regulate the temperature more finely within the utensils. However, in the context of everyday use, there is no risk of feeling limited by the HQ5660SNE’s nine settings.

Even with a lot of information, the display remains legible.

Even with a lot of information, the display remains legible.

Each zone of the Hotpoint-Ariston hob has its own timer. But while the vast majority of appliances allow you to set cooking times up to 99 min, this prohibits you from exceeding 60 min. Again, this shouldn’t bother the user in the everyday kitchen.

The more attentive will have noticed the small icons (very few speakers this time) next to the zone selection keys. They correspond to the four automatic functions provided by Hotpoint-Ariston. Pour les activer, il suffit de presser le bouton My Menu décoré d’une toque avant de choisir le program à lancer: bouillir (arrière gauche), faire fondre (avant gauche), maintenir au chaud (arrière droit) et cuisson lingua (avant right). It is not possible to use an automatic function on an inductor other than the one intended. Fortunately, the manufacturer seems to have done things right and the boil mode, for example, is assigned to the largest inductor, the one that develops the most power.

The My Menu button is also used to lock the controls.

The My Menu button is also used to lock the controls.

We would have liked the ability to manage the power while using these modes, but that’s not the case. To return to manual control it is first necessary to deactivate the special functions by pressing the My Menu button, then select the area of ​​interest and finally increase the power starting from zero. These many steps necessarily increase handling.

Editor's rating: 3 out of 5


The Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE induction hob needs a long time to heat up the water. In fact, it took 10 minutes to heat 3 liters of water from 25 ° C to 95 ° C. And to see the large bubbles in the liquid, proof of the arrival at the boiling point, you have to wait 1 min 15 s more.

But if the Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE has any problems starting, it masterfully manages the low powers. On the smallest fire, at minimum power, the temperature in our oil bath does not exceed 51 ° C after 2 hours of cooking. Confectioners will then be able to leave their melted chocolate on the fire without it firstingredient that maintains an ideal consistency for processing at 55 ° C.

As the thermal images show, the temperature at the bottom of the utensils is very evenly distributed in the large pan. It is therefore not necessary to stir the hazelnut potatoes or sautéed potatoes too often to prevent some from overcooking while others are still raw.

Temperature uniformity of the Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE induction hob (small inductor on the left, large inductor on the right).

Temperature uniformity of the Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SNE induction hob (small inductor on the left, large inductor on the right).

The same observation is made for the small inductor. The heat in the different pans is once again well distributed and you can then prepare your steak in a small individual pan without fear of having to move it too much so that the cooking is identical everywhere.

Due to its price positioning, the Hotpoint-Ariston HQ5660SN does not benefit from the technologies that allow it to deliver continuous power. It therefore works intermittently when set too low.


  • Enough different fireplaces to ensure the versatility of the plate.

  • Easy to handle in manual mode.

  • Excellent management of low consumption.

  • Homogeneous heat inside the utensils.


  • Dish perhaps a little too simple (no pairing method, for example).

  • Exit Painful Mode My Menu.

  • Slow to warm up.

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