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The Breton equine nutrition brand Horse Breed celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! Very present upstream then downstream in the field, the Horse Breed teams are committed day after day to analyze and recommend the nutritional needs suitable for each horse. This year, the brand also offers HORSE BREED Longevity +, for older horses.

Personalized advice

“We are mainly nutritionists begins Anne-Gaëlle Goachet, nutritionist and head of research and development at Horse Breed, based in Plounéventer, about thirty kilometers from Brest. “We advise our customers by carrying out a preliminary check: what is the animal’s lifestyle, what is its age, its condition (sport, free time, mare, etc.), the quality and quantity of its forage, the condition of his teeth, his deworming cycle, if he is subject to colic, if he has particular pathologies, etc. The owner should not hesitate to ask us questions if necessary! ”

A reasoned diet

“In twenty years, knowledge and practices have evolved and it is right to remember that forages should represent 80% of the horse’s daily diet”, continues Anne-Gaëlle Goachet. “Starch is beneficial but in less quantity than in the past because its excess is really deleterious. To give you an idea, we recommend a maximum of 200g of starch per meal / body weight, while the current trend is below 100g. “ Horse Breed is based on a series of carefully prepared feeds. “We highlight in our recipes the long fibers of alfalfa and meadow hay – for the beneficial effects on digestion and the prevention of gastric ulcers – and the extruded linseed for its energy supply and Omega 3. Thanks to our proximity to the sea, we also bet on seaweedsources of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Horse Breed relies on long-term support by strengthening the presence of its consultants in the field. For example, six counselors share the Great West and can travel easily to check the adequacy of a horse’s diet and adapt it if necessary.

A complicated context

“The current conflict in Ukraine is a human tragedy that also affects the economic market. The production and transport of cereals in Europe is becoming complicated if not impossible. Between shortages and rising prices, we have to constantly adjust. However, we make every effort to maintain the quality of our products: no optimization of recipes for the Horse Breed range and regular price adjustments to follow the price of raw materials as much as possible! “, concludes Anne-Gaëlle Goachet.

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