Hisense over-equips its BSA66334PG built-in oven


Hisense is looking to establish itself on the French appliance market alongside top-rated brands such as Miele, Sauter or Electrolux. And for this the manufacturer has put small plates into large ones with the built-in oven BSA66334PG.

On the Digital site it is generally in the “TV & Video projectors” section that we talk about Hisense products. However, the Chinese manufacturer, which acquired Gorenje to expand its experience in the sector, also has a wide range of so-called “white” products, including built-in ovens. The BSA66334PG is one of them.

It uses pulsed heat technology. In the lower part of the cavity, an annular resistance surrounds a fan in charge of distributing the hot air produced by this heating element (and by the upper and lower resistances) throughout the very large muffle. In fact, the cavity of the BSA66334PG reaches a volume of 77 liters, making it one of the largest ovens on the market, capable enough to accommodate the largest pieces of meat (poultry, for example) or baked goods without them being heard. cramped.

And precisely, the BSA66334PG seems particularly equipped for cooking this type of preparation since it benefits from the steam functions. Remember that they help preserve the tenderness of the meat, which therefore remains juicy. Steam is also useful in cooking because it improves the leavening of the dough and facilitates the formation of a crispy crust on the bread.

Hisense also provided a temperature probe to help cooks succeed in their various dishes. Just plant it in food to know their internal temperature. Once again, meats seem to be particularly interested in this element which allows us to better understand the different levels of cooking of meats: blue, rare, medium, well done …

Cooking programming is based on a fairly classic control panel, which combines wheel and touch sensitive. The electronic display just above uses a segmented system, similar to that of alarm clocks. This type of screen is not easily compatible with an automatic assistant that adjusts the cooking parameters without the chef’s intervention, other than the choice of the dish in the oven and the quantity to be prepared. A display-stick, in fact, does not allow the full name of the preparations to be displayed and it is often necessary to refer to the instructions to associate alphanumeric codes to the programs. However, the BSA66334PG has a powerful 42 preparation cooking assistant, if the datasheet is to be believed. A connection to a smartphone would undoubtedly have facilitated the use of this feature, but it does not seem to be the order of the day on this model.

Despite the BSA66334PG’s many strengths, Hisense offers it at a very reasonable price. Indeed, it is already available for € 649. A copy must also arrive at the editorial office soon to undergo a series of in-depth tests.

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