here is the best plant-based dessert in the refrigerated section, according to “Que Choisir”


Lactose intolerant, vegan or simply health conscious … More and more French are turning to plant-based desserts. And in recent years, these animal protein-free products have been on the rise and gaining traction on the supermarket shelves. Milk, chocolate, fruit, soy, almond, coconut or oat … There is no shortage of recipes. But how do you get around in this vegetable jungle? Are these vegan products really good for your health, as their image suggests? And can they replace, from a nutritional point of view, cow or sheep yogurt?

Taste, sugars, additives… Plant-based desserts examined

To find out, the magazine What to choose conducted the survey in the May issue. Two major rankings emerge, one dedicated to the best plant-based chocolate desserts, the second to recipes with red fruits. To establish this great test of the month “, the monthly took into account various elements: the taste, of course, but also the content and quality of fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, the addition of sugars or the presence of additives and aromas …

Products, on the whole, less sweet than yoghurt and dairy products

First lesson ? Most 14 chocolate desserts and 13 red fruit desserts they are less sweet and less rich in bad saturated fatty acids than their dairy counterparts, and are also more endowed with fiber and good unsaturated fatty acids than the latter But beware of coconut milk recipes that put saturated fatty acids first, with few exceptions. What to choose he also discovered the presence of several undesirable substances, flavors and additives in mind, proof of an ultra-transformation of the product. But this also applies to traditional yogurts.

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Watch out for iodine

While it is advisable to consume two dairy products a day, for a sufficient intake of calcium, the monthly advises to carefully check the label of the product purchased and to opt for references enriched in this mineral (not to be confused with calcium phosphates, unhealthy) . It should also be noted that plant-based desserts lack iodine, unlike dairy yogurts. People who opt only for these products and who limit their consumption of fish must therefore monitor their intake to avoid a deficiency. Finally, the plant-based desserts remaining sweet products, What to choose explains that they should be eaten in moderation.

The Sojade brand is number 1 in both rankings

From the side of the winners, it is the reference of So Soja! de Sojade, which took first place among the best plant-based chocolate desserts. Organic, tasty, ” relatively balanced and with a rather short list of ingredients, it took the magazine by storm. The brand is also on the top step of the podium for references to red fruits, again with its So Soja range!

So soy! Sojade’s (organic) chocolate dessert is number 1 among plant-based chocolate desserts

So soy! Fruits rouges de Sojade (organic) is number 1 among red fruit vegetable desserts

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