Hana unveils several new titles on April 20, 2022


Several new yaoi manga have been announced by the editions Hana.

Series launched in Japan in 2020 in Kaiosha’s Gush magazine with the name Sekai de Ichiban Tooi Koi and still in progress with a published volume.

Mitsuaki Aso (Only you, only, Re: naissance) probably hasn’t finished talking about her: you will surely have recently seen her name if you have been attentive to the results of the Chil-Chil BL Award 2022 because this new series has reached the honorable 5th place in the category “Best comic”. Its first volume will appear in France in September.

It is by chance that Isuzu and Tôka meet, one suffering from profound deafness and the other a violinist. Together, they will gradually find what is missing in each other and come closer. Toka then realizes he has feelings for Isuzu. But once her love for her is declared, she realizes that Isuzu is more than hesitant …

A series launched in Japan in 2020 in the Gateau d’Ichijinsha magazine with the title Zettai, Kôkai Sasemasen kara !, and currently has 2 volumes. This is the first real professional job of I will santarò.

Beware of people intruding on your private life, Okazaki will find out the hard way! Victim of job rumors, he’s the center of all attention, so what does this pushy young salesman want ?! Volume 1 will be published in France in August.

The Okazaki wage earner is currently going through the worst period of his life. His colleagues have discovered that he is gay and unfounded rumors are circulating throughout the company. By chance, his only colleague is simultaneously absent due to illness and the other employees distance themselves. That’s when a young man from the sales department finds himself transferred to the Okazaki department to perform the replacement. While the latter thought that this replacement had been imposed on him, the young Umemoto declared to everyone’s surprise: “I love you so much Mr. Okazaki! But what do you mean by this?

There is a misunderstanding!

Sign Mitsuru Yes (Megumi & Tsugumi), this one-shot was born in Japan in 2014 on Takeshobo’s Qpa magazine under the name of Hayatochiri wa Rachi ga Akanai ?.

Sometimes, it turns out that misunderstandings can pay off … even if they come from a very long road, started by Kanô’s overflowing imagination! Who has never made films after all? A romantic comedy to discover August.

When Kanô discovers the pen he lent to his male colleague carefully stored in a drawer, he begins to be amazed. Added to this are the small dishes that Mushanokôji prepares exclusively for him, and the repeated marriage proposals (jokingly) because the latter has had enough of his long name … Could Mushanokôji be … in love with him? There follows a series of incredible misunderstandings in which feelings take precedence over any logical reflection.
For his part, Kai must face an enthusiastic and perfectly assumed stalker … who will do anything to own him, even take advantage of his lingering anguish.

Ohtako Mame is a young mangaka who began her professional career with her only recorded title Play After Call, pre-released in Japan in 2020-2021 in Gateau d’Ichijinsha magazine.

The publisher promises an original and surprising story in this story that ranked 19th at the Chil-Chil BL Award 2022 in the “New Comer” category! The single volume will be available in French from July.

Kurashina is a high school student confused by her dominant nature. He also develops an inferiority complex in front of Isshiki, the imposing student council president. But one day, Kurashina discovers that Isshiki has collapsed on the stairs of the high school. Unable to ignore his companion in this unusual state of weakness, he decides to come to his aid. This is when Isshiki confesses to him that he is actually submissive in nature. Until then convinced of the opposite, Kurashina then feels overwhelmed with guilt for having had such a cold attitude towards her. As if to be forgiven, the high school student then proposes to his friend light role-playing games to solve his health problems, caused by the lack of communication with a dominant partner …

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