For lack of oil, the restaurant Le Vertigo, in Brive (Corrèze), has completely suspended the fries


At the LeVertigo restaurant, in Brive (Corrèze), we have completely stopped serving french fries. His boss, Florian Fournier, has decided to replace them with new potatoes at least for the whole season. “For us, frying is a big job: I used to consume almost a hundred liters of oil a week. “

Economic and logistical reasons

After he removed the shrimp tempura from his menu, it was the fries that came out the window. For economic reasons (“the prices have gone completely crazy”) but also for logistical reasons: “If I had to keep it, I would need a garage! “

Not to mention that Florian Fournier believes that the problem will last: “Ukraine does not sow, so the worst is yet to come. It was very stressful, I preferred to change strategy immediately, to have a good season. “

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Because Corrèze (probably) will not be able to become self-sufficient in sunflower oil

Problems pile up for restaurateurs

Instead, it was necessary to purchase a second oven, as well as a small gesture towards customers: “With the new potatoes we offer a very tasty homemade tartar sauce. I have great customer feedback. “

Florian Fournier is not the only Corrèze boss facing this shortage of actions. “People who are a bit lonely, without a purchasing center, will have difficulties”, summarizes Jean-Luc Viginiat, president of UMIH (Union of hospitality trades and industries) To correct.

We have calls, but what do you want us to tell them? We don’t have a solution. Some will manage and adapt. For others, for those who are starting out in particular, it will be more complicated.

All the more so since there are many supply difficulties, both in terms of quantity and prices. “Chicken, eggs, salmon, mustard, butter… Problems pile up, summarizes Jean-Luc Viginiat. It undermines the health of our businesses. ”

The hunt for oil is on in Corrèze

No, not yet. On Monday 16 May 2022 in the morning the bottles of sunflower oil had not returned to the shelves of Intermarché, on avenue Foch in Brive. It’s olive oil, full stop. In reality, shelves fill up twice a week during Monday and Thursday deliveries. And empty in step.

“We are supplied from our platform, through a quota system based on our turnover, explains Alexis Bru, store manager. They put a little bit for everyone. “

On Thursday 12 May 2022 the supermarket received … A box, or twelve bottles of sunflower oil! “It lasted ten minutes …” And it’s not worth trying to walk down the avenue: “You can only order products available on the shelves …”

fear of losing

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, supermarkets have been selling “reckless volumes” of sunflower oil, acknowledges Thierry Desouches. At the head of external relations of the group of traders Système U, from his offices in Rungis, he even identifies cases of behavior “Almost violent at the checkout, people who wanted to pass with more bottles”.

Because brands limit the number of bottles per cart, but that’s not enough to solve the problem. In fact, Alexis Bru sums up, “even if they still have some at home, people are afraid of running away …”

The tension is not about to subside since “if we don’t sow sunflowers, there won’t be any, observes Thiery Desouches. We will have problems and also the industrialists. “Plus, it’s starting to get stuck on potato chips, frozen fries …

System U will undoubtedly take a closer look at the French market: “Of course, we will look for a way to repatriate this production on the territory. “

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