Find the cake “Le Merveilleux” in the dictionary in 2023



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Unmissable specialty of the North, the “Merveilleux” is one of the 150 words that make up the Petit Larousse of the 2023 edition. everyone’s lips.

The 2023 version of the Larousse dictionary will be released on June 15, 2022.

One of the “Aux Merveilleux de Fred” shops is gaining momentum in Lille (North). Customers parade at a frantic pace to taste the world-famous local sweets, remembers La Voix du Nord.

Sylvie, in her thirties, is eager to discover this particularly popular dessert. ”

I am from the Paris region and have never tasted wonderful. It was my sister-in-law here who told me about it.

Meanwhile, Stéphanie takes a photo of her daughter in front of the sign before entering the renowned pastry shop. ”

They also make them in Paris, but nothing replaces those of the region. This is the specialty!

“Two meringues welded with Chantilly cream”

Made of ”
two meringues welded with Chantilly cream, all sprinkled with chocolate flakes
According to the Petit Larousse definition, “Wonderful” as a cake has become a frequent term. Carine Girac Marinier, director of the French language department of Éditions Larousse, confirms this with enthusiasm: ”

Throughout its history and the opening of many stores, there has been an extremely widespread use of the term. It has been used thousands or even millions of times


It must be said that with this dessert you go back in time. After the French Revolution, it was the refined fashion of the Marvelous and the Incredible, both a lifestyle and a style of clothing, that gave rise to the name of the famous sugar factory.

A 200 year old cake

Frédéric Vaucamps, pastry maker
Fred is wonderful
“, Explains this trip:”

It is a cake that has existed in Hauts-de-France and Belgium for 200 years. For my part, I have only sublimated it. I wanted him to become a star


In addition to being a local classic, the Merveilleux has gradually risen to snow to invite itself to new dishes far from the continent. Frédéric Vaucamps continues the narration of this culinary success in which he played an important role: ”

I started in 1982 with my brother in La Motte au Bois, 30 kilometers from Saint-Omer. Lille was my fourth shop in 1997. I am now in ten countries. I will be moving to Montreal in three months, then to Dubai or Marrakech next year


When listing its future destinations, it is impossible to notice everything as the cities are connected to each other. A sign of the undeniable and unlimited popularity of the refined dessert. It is enough to observe the passers-by who admire the window every day, hesitating to crack again for their guilty pleasure, to understand the phenomenon.

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