Fast and healthy steaming


Contrary to popular belief, steaming is not limited to vegetables. A steam oven can also cook fish, meat, bread and even desserts. The combi steamer is the ideal appliance for preparing healthy and varied dishes while saving time in the kitchen.

With a combi steamer, you keep 50% more vitamins and minerals in your dish. And you don’t have to use fat, which limits the number of calories. Furthermore, steam cooking better preserves the taste, color and texture of food: the flavors are more intense and the colors more vivid. This way of cooking is also very simple. No more overcooked foods or foods that stick to the bottom of the pan. With a combi steam oven you change your cooking habits.

Perfect dosage of steam

With a combi steam oven, steam is generated outside the cooking chamber and blown inside. Thanks to Miele’s DualSteam technology, you always get perfect cooking results. The temperature and quantity of steam are perfectly dosed and the steam is injected evenly, for uniform cooking of your dishes. The combination of moist and dry heat guarantees flawless cooking. Your meat will be cooked to perfection while remaining tender and juicy.

More free time

Vegetables, pasta, risotto, meat… With a combined steam oven you can prepare a complete menu in a single cooking. Miele steam combi ovens automatically calculate temperature, cooking time and sequence. Some dishes like risotto are even easier to steam than the traditional method, without requiring any extra effort. The time saving lies not only in shortening the cooking time, but also in not having to constantly look at the time. Problems with overcooking are therefore a thing of the past. Are you tired of always having to apologize to your guests to go and watch your dish bake in the oven? Thanks to the WiFiConn @ ct function, your oven is connected to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to remotely change settings and monitor cooking while being close to your guests.


A Miele steam combi oven makes cooking easier at any time of day. Thanks to the Mix & Match function you can cook up to three foods at the same time. How about making cod with rice in Italian tomato sauce? And all in less than 30 minutes! Cook a full meal in one go.

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