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Selena Gomez is on fire these days. In addition to her spectacular beauty line of lei Rare, the renewal of her hit show Hulu Only murders in the building along with Martin Short and Steve Martin, and being the host of the latter SNL episode, there’s more in store for this former Disney the Wizards of Waverly Place protagonist like his show, Selena + Chef has been renewed for a fourth season.

Warner Media announced the renewal for next season at a season three press conference on November 10, 2021. In a Deadline report, Gomez said, “I’m looking forward to another season in the kitchen with some of the best. chefs around the world. I hope my skills have improved. More importantly, we have been able to raise money for amazing charities. “

While we know a fourth season will be released at some point, the network hasn’t revealed any further information, which leaves us fans eager to find out more. When will the fourth season come out? Will the showrunners continue with the same format? What new guests can we expect to see in the new season?

Selena + Chef Season 4: Beachy Vibes

As for the show format, we’re pretty sure there won’t be many changes, especially since the format from the previous three seasons has worked so well. In fact, from the Warner Media press release, it looks like Season 4 will look a lot like Season 3. However, this time around there is a slight twist.

As reported by Deadline, the fourth season: “It will be set in a beach house where Selena will continue to learn the joys of cooking from star chefs. As in the first three seasons, each chef will highlight a different charity in each episode. To date, the series has raised € 400,000 for 26 nonprofits. “

Jennifer O’Connell, HBO Max’s executive vice president of non-fiction and live-action family, explained what fans can expect to see in season four. “The beach vibe will absolutely take it to the next level and we can’t wait to see what recipes they make next to Selena and the chefs,” as noted in the same Deadline post.

Selena + Chef Season 4: Who do we expect?

Obviously, Gomez herself is the only person we’re sure to see in season four of Selena + Chef. Since the show will follow the same format as previous seasons, we expect to see some fantastic guests arrive in season four to help Selena cook some exciting dishes.

The Season 4 announcement kept details on any guests we might see more under wraps. So, we can only guess – and hope – who we will see next season. Maybe famous YouTube chefs like Rosanna Pansino? So far in season three we have seen big names like Jamie Oliver, the famous British chef and restaurateur; Sophia Roe, best known for her work on Emmy nominated Vice TV, Counter-space; Gabe Kennedy, founder of Plant People, and TV chef and restaurateur Esther Choi.

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One of the chefs who appeared on the show was Cook Judge Tanya Holland, who appeared in Season 1 to teach Gomez a recipe for scallion cheddar cookies and buttermilk fried chicken. In an interview with Mashed in September last year, Holland talked about her experience on the show and what it was like to teach Selena Gomez these recipes. “I just thought she was really cute and sweet. And curious, I wanted to learn and I really wanted to do something good, ”she said.

Selena + Chef Season 4: release information

The third season of Selena + Chef concluded in November last year on HBO Max. As it was already announced that the show had been renewed, fans were looking forward to seeing Gomez cook new dishes. However, so far the network hasn’t revealed anything about the filming and production.

If you look at the timeline, the second season of this show ended in February last year, while the third season premiered a few months later, in October, eight months to be exact. That said, the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 was only five months. Considering this timeline, fans believe the Season 4 premiere date is near. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see a trailer for next season drop anytime soon.

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Since each season had ten episodes, it’s likely that Season 4 will have the same number of episodes as well, meaning we’ll see many more chefs guiding Gomez through culinary adventures.

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