Dordogne. A new line and recruitment in Saint-Michel


The site manager, Yann Gomes, is satisfied with the production dynamics shown at Champagnac.
The site manager, Yann Gomes, is satisfied with the production dynamics shown at Champagnac. (© LR / Successful Périgord)

Charlotte, blouse, overshoes, earplugs and mask: the rigid protective clothing required by the sanitary constraints of a food factory does not block the gourmet smell that escapes from the production lines of the Saint-Michel factory in Champagnac-de-Belairon this visiting day.

On the occasion of the next opening of the a new production linethe site has opened its doors to the local press to reveal the behind the scenes of the manufacture of some of the emblematic products of the family brand, founded in Périgord for 1969.

Some of them come out of its production lines every year 13,500 tons of madeleines, palm tree biscuits and others ready to fill for professionals – specific to the site, which is the only one of the brand in France to produce them.

Individual confectionery in sachets is undergoing strong development “, Notes Christophe PolletNational Director of Industrial Operations in Saint-Michel.

The Bonne-Maman madeleines are produced in Champagnac-de-Belair.
The Bonne-Maman madeleines are produced in Champagnac-de-Belair. (© LR / Successful Périgord)

To support this growth, the new line, currently under construction within the 18,000 square meter plant and which will represent an investment of approx 10 million euroswill take office in September 2022.

The line that now makes madeleines produces a ton of cakes per hour, but it doesn’t always run at full speed. ” The operation of the tools varies according to the needs of the customers », Explains Yann Gomes, director of the Champagne site.

It takes about an hour and a half. Most of the raw materials for the recipes come from the producers French.

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Export development

The recipes differ according to the brand of the madeleines and therefore the consumer expectations. More or less blonde, crunchy or soft, ” each brand has its own identity and recipe “Says the director.

In Champagnac only madeleines are stamped Good mom. Export, which is booming, now represents From 15 to 20% of turnover of the group, which has made it one of the priorities for the years to come.

The desserts of Saint-Michel are especially intended for expatriates who find there a real taste of Proust’s madeleine.

60 positions were created for the launch of the new line in September.
60 positions were created for the launch of the new line in September.

Business is good. In this commercial dynamic, we are recruiting around sixty people by September “Explains Yann Gomes. Not all future recruits will be assigned to the new line.

They will also replace employees at the end of their careers and strengthen support functions such as the logistics or the Maintenance.

Most of the positions offered do not require no prerequisite. Saint-Michel’s recruiting strategy is above all to pay attention “competence” candidates, before offering them Home workout.

“We are looking for people who feel good here, who know how to adapt to the work environment and bring their added value. “

It’s about this progression model within the factory that a certain number of employees entered, first on a fixed-term basis or with a fixed-term contract, before obtaining permanent employment. The Champagnac site currently employs 300 peoplenot 250 for an indefinite period.

Between them, Fabiano Hachimi, which arrived in 2017 and founded a year later. After being an assistant kneader and then a kneader, he became a production line manager, illustrating Saint-Michel’s hiring policy. ” They knew how to listen to me, make me pass the levels according to what I wanted.

With a website that works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, all work rhythms are possible. There are multiple entry points: via Pôle emploi, temporary employment agencies or by going directly, ” we are looking for people who want to get involved and join our project concludes Yann Gomes.

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