“Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed …”, Mickaël Braure eliminated by Top Chef, rethinks his surprise elimination


The candidate of the blue brigade Mickaël Braure was eliminated by Top Chef on Wednesday 18 May. He talked about his regrets about him but also about his plans for him in Télé Star.

Télé Star: What was your reaction after your elimination?

Mickael Brauré : Disappointed, disappointed … Disappointed because here I am one step away from the quarter-finals and it would have been nice to be in the bottom four. But at the same time fifth is not a bad place, it also satisfies me. Well, I still feel good.

TS: The two rehearsals of the show didn’t go very well, like you had a bad feeling …

MB : Already the tomato test, I was not very comfortable. And then after the vol au vent test it was really amazing, the chef liked it but the difference was made in 30 seconds. A leftover from cooking on a sweetbread and I tell myself my output plays at 30 seconds, it’s a shame. Plus I was very satisfied with my dish so I was a little disappointed, and I found myself as a last resort … I can’t say I gave up but I was gone, I was disappointed in myself, that’s all .

TS: If you had to do it again, would you have cooked anything other than lamb tartare as a last resort?

MB : The thing is, I didn’t think about it. What was very risky was that I didn’t bring the kitchen with me and I think that’s what caused my elimination. As a last resort, you need a kitchen that the jury can judge, we can’t just make a tartare. I think I should have brought in a little more technical work as a cook.

TS: Yet your plate still surprised them …

MB : Yes, but I think I should have brought a cooking technique, I think it would have made a difference. We cannot be satisfied with this as a last resort.

TS: What is your best memory from the show?

MB : It’s a restaurant war! We had a good laugh, it was full of disasters, full of surprises and fun …

TS: What prompted you to open a permanent Philo Saucisse?

MB : It is open until June 30th and is already very good. Because if I come on the show, before I talk about myself, it’s to talk about my region and when I’m in Paris, I can’t talk about my home.

TS: What do you think of Philippe Etchebest as a brigade leader?

MB : It couldn’t have been better, it really was the boss I needed so I can get here. I would have been closer to one of the other chefs, that’s for sure. Philippe Etchebest was able to frame me, supervise me, understand me … he indeed knew how to talk to me and I think if I went that far, he had a lot to do with it.

TS: What was the hardest part of the shoot?

MB : The hardest thing was this pressure and this stress, the desire not to disappoint. Don’t disappoint chef Etchebest because he counted a lot on me and he counts a lot on me too. He is a guy that I adore. And then there you have it, behind you you are being watched by friends, family … and you don’t want to disappoint anyone.

TS: And you, what made you sign up for the show?

MB : It is the desire to surpass me, to tell me ‘Well go ahead Mika, even if you make a bistro at home, you can also pretend a different and high-level cuisine’. And then on top of that, the In the north there are no chauvinists and if I could get a few messages on at the same time and get people back home, that would be great.

TS: Have you already thought about the menu you would have made in the final?

MB : Sure, I would have made a menu only with produced by me, it’s clear and clean. I could have had the opportunity to feed my land to more than 100 people …

TS: And what about the future, are you planning to open a second restaurant?

MB : Yes absolutely, because the restaurant I have today is being stormed, there are many requests and I want to satisfy all requests at the same time. So I’m opening up a new restaurant in a small farmhouse, in the beautiful countryside where I am already at present. The works will start soon, there will be a micro-brewery on site, we will also have a tapas bar around the sausages because I like this concept a lot and I’m sure there is something to do. And then there will be the catering part.

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