“Cyril Lignac’s Academy of Pies”: M6 launches a new login at 6.40pm.


A new academy is opening on … M6. From this Monday, the private channel will launch a brand new access – one more – on cooking and baking. 24 “pupils“- all without training as in” Oui chef! “, a program broadcast on M6 in 2005 – will integrate, tonight at 6:40 pm,” Cyril Lignac’s cake academy “.

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24 candidates eager to change their lives, only one winner

On the menu: a competition on the model of training provided by professional institutes, masterclasses with 21 recognized pastry chefs and preliminary tests with the application of technical gestures. Up for grabs for the only winner of the competition: an employment contract in one of the Cyril Lignac pastry shops (the chef heads a team of 80 pastry chefs in Paris alone), the sum of 10,000 euros but also a PAC training.

The idea is to give him all the weapons to be able to start his project“, Summarized last month during the presentation of the program to the press in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), Mathieu Jean Toscani, producer of Kitchen Factory Production (KFP).

Under the supervision of the director of the academy, Cyril Lignac, and two teachers, Ophélie Barès, ten years of the palace behind him, and Desty Brami, executive chef of the Château de Ferrières (Seine-et-Marne), a pastry school located in the Paris region, the 24 candidates – hairdresser, postman, nurse, teacher, lawyer, shop manager – will be presented to viewers, during a first four-week cycle, through the promotion of six students per week.

A serial mechanism, a program divided into 3 cycles

And from the very beginning, the students are in the right mood when it comes to decorating the Lenôtre School of Culinary Arts. “Only rigor and excellence will allow you to go through all the stages of this training“, warns the director of the academy. The pace is high. Every Friday, during the first cycle, the two best candidates of each promotion will win an immersive internship and will compete for the title of best student of the week. On the other hand, two students they will play for their place in the academy on the same day.In total, three students, half of each promotion, will leave the academy each week during this first learning cycle.

Twelve amateur pastry chefs, this time divided into two classes of six, will thus qualify for the second phase, the advanced cycle. The first six will then move on to the last cycle, that of professionalization with the participation of the best French workers, and the two best performers will compete for victory after a final masterclass. “The final is a test that takes place in real conditions. For one day we set up two ephemeral pastries in Paris. Our two finalists were able to test their pastries with customers. The candidate, whose large and small cake will have been the most popular with customers and the jury led by Cyril Lignac, will win the competition.

With this scrolling mechanic, “the goal is to become attached to the candidates“, Kitchen Factory Productions hopes.”Every day there are lessons, tutorials, imposed exercises that are different“, Explained Jérémy Fazel, executive producer of KFP.

“We are not in ‘The best pastry chef’ with butterflies”

In addition to being a culinary program, obviously in M6’s DNA, they are also real life changing stories“, described Guillaume Charles, director of programs for the channel. The goal, entrusted to Cyril Lignac, is to”to put your finger on what our job really is “.” ‘It all starts here’ on TF1, it’s fiction, we’re in real life “, bounced the members of the production.

First Cyril Lignac insists on the difficulty and intensity of this passionate work. “Don’t lie to people, it takes a lot of work to change your life: Andn pastry, we start at 4 in the morning and at 8 and 4 we make twelve. It’s noon, 12:30 It’s a rhythm“, he assured, noting in passing that it is difficult to recruit.”Why fDreaming with a TV show is easy, making it your job is a commitment. You really have to want it, we are not ‘The best pastry chef’ with daisies and butterflies, where it’s fantastic, let’s make a little cake for friends “, summed up, in a formula, the boss of M6.

You will see a completely different Cyril Lignac. Not at all the same as “The Best Pastry Chef”. It doesn’t have the same involvement as it has to hire a person“, Jérémy Fazel rightly warned us, before the guest arrived at the press conference.”It was serious, we weren’t there to laugh“concluded Lindsey, 35, one of the candidates from Lille, in the north.”The goal is really to know if I will make pastry my profession“, he added puremedias.com. “We have heard very high demands“, Jonathan, a Belgian professor and other candidate of the show, abounded in his direction.

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