Chocolate Apple Crumble Recipe


Which blend is tastier than that of chocolate apples ? This association offers us everything we love most, which is guilt-free indulgence. We have fun with chocolate, and we feel like we are eating healthy thanks to apples. In short, they are the perfect combination in a comforting dessert. And what could be more comforting than a collapse families? This must-have dessert is a safe bet, regardless of the season. With its crunchy and melting texture, the crumble is our little cuddle. We never tire of preparing it to enjoy it. He knows how to seduce the taste buds of young and old. Very easy to make, we gladly prepare our favorite dessert. And if the crumble is usually made with apples, we decided to spice it up a little to give it a new life, even tastier. Get ready, we’ll reveal the Chocolate apple crumble recipe you won’t get tired of!

Which chocolate to use in a crumble?

We know that in order for our dessert to be successful, we must not neglect the choice of ingredients. They are the ones who will offer ours collapse the divinity of his taste. Chocolate is no exception to this rule. If you want to make a recipe for chocolate apple crumble, you still need to know which one to take. No, the Milka tablet is not working. It is only there for the little pleasures in front of the TV in front of Koh Lanta. On the contrary, the bitter dark chocolate, will be our ally for a perfect crumble. This is what will find its place in our sweet preparations to bring that little touch of sweetness to our desserts. Because ? Low in sugar, it will come purely with its strong taste and mix with the other ingredients, which will sweeten it.

What are the best apples for chocolate apple crumble?

There are so many varieties of apples, it is important to know which of them will be in our crumble. Although we love to take it as our four hour break in the office for the collapse not all of them are good to use. Finally, yes, but a kind of apple dissociates thanks to its ultra pronounced scent. I called, drum roll, the Lady in pink. And yes, it is she who gives this sweet flavor and this intoxicating scent to ours collapse. Don’t panic, if you don’t have one available, you can always choose to use it Grandma Smith. They too are very rich in aroma and taste. These two varieties will go very well with the bitter dark chocolate you use in yours chocolate apple crumble.

Tips for making a chocolate apple crumble

While simple to make, there are a few small rules to know in order to make a chocolate apple crumble worthy of the name. The key to success? A good balance of ingredients to make the crumbled dough. The flour, sugar and butter must be added in equal parts. But when you make a crumble, it may be that when it comes out of the oven you find that it is not as crunchy as you would like. Why ? Well, simply because it’s not cooked enough, or because of the fruit. It is possible that the water they contain will come out once in the oven and soak in the crumbled dough, which will then soften. To avoid this, we can pass our fruits for a few minutes in a pan to dry them. You can also use almond powder on the bottom of the dish so that it absorbs the water as it cooks.

What accompaniment for a chocolate apple crumble?

If the crumble alone is enough to offer us a gourmet dessert, we never say no to a little more sweetness. The more delicious it is, the more we like it. And the chocolate apple crumble, benefits from consistent accompaniments to allow us to spend a culinary moment full of flavors. The chocolate apple crumble should be eaten hot or lukewarm. Consequently, it is only natural that we will love to accompany it with a … Ice. And yes, the hot cold mix will only revive the flavors of our crumble. The most basic? Vanilla ice cream. It will be a real bonus for your dessert. And if you don’t like ice cream, then the The crème anglaise will be your ally to make you taste a chocolate apple crumble from another world.

Chocolate Apple Crumble Recipe

Ladies, take the aprons, here is the recipe for the chocolate apple crumble that you will no longer be able to do without:

The ingredients for 4 people:

  • 4 apples
  • 200 g of brown sugar
  • 200 g of flour
  • 200 g of butter
  • 200 g of dark chocolate

Stages of preparation:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C
  2. Peel the apples, cut them into cubes and put them in a floor that goes into the oven.

  3. Mix the flour, sugar and butter (previously softened) in a large container until you get a sort of paste

  4. Cut some pieces of chocolate and add them to your apples

  5. Sprinkle with the crumbled topping

  6. Cook for 20 minutes.

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