For lack of oil, the restaurant Le Vertigo, in Brive (Corrèze), has completely suspended the fries

At the LeVertigo restaurant, in Brive (Corrèze), we have completely stopped serving french fries. His boss, Florian Fournier, has decided to replace them with new potatoes at least for the whole season. “For us, frying is a big job: I used to consume almost a hundred liters of oil a week. “ Economic and logistical … Read more

The waitress fed a “homeless man” without knowing it is a restaurant management control, amazing!

With the rising cost of living and inflation, many people can no longer afford adequate housing. It is not uncommon to come across homeless people on the streets of our cities. At the sight of these individuals, there is confusion between compassion and fear. Some people are even afraid of getting close to them. Others … Read more

A rich man humiliates a poor family in an expensive restaurant and the waitress teaches him a lesson

A wealthy executive objects to having a modest family in an upscale gourmet restaurant, but ends up learning a valuable lesson. Jordan Scott had a permanent reservation at New York’s most exclusive restaurant, Le Dauphin. He dined there at least twice a week and loved the exclusivity atmosphere as much as the delicious food. It … Read more

Jujube Montmartre, the new trendy restaurant

At the foot of the Montmartre hill, rue de Dancourt, in 18, there has been a new restaurant for several months: Jujube. He takes his culinary and gastronomic inspirations at the crossroads of multiple countries such as Africa, Italy, Japan and France. Jujube is a trendy restaurant, which aims to be affordable and which guarantees … Read more