Carcassonne. NadéoPro, to return to the kitchen on the basis of a chef


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The training of cooks, pastry chefs and even individuals for their pleasure is at the heart of NadéoPro’s approach, a center that guarantees the development of these crafts or hobbies.

If, during the second quarter of 2020, confinement disrupted activity here as elsewhere, Nadine and Olivier Ferry’s training center has experienced a craze ever since. “Restaurant owners and individuals have unfortunately had some free time with this pandemic, which some have used to improve or train.”

NadéoPro aims to provide expertise and training to these food professions which are restaurateurs, pastry chefs, bakers, restaurateurs, but not only. Nadine and Olivier Ferry worked for thirty years in the hotel and restaurant sector: in Troyes, where they met, then in the capital, before looking for the sun in Carcassonne where they managed the Campanille hotel (now Kiriad) for 15 years. , in the Bouriette area.

After the tour, the couple had the idea of ​​putting their skills at the service of others by creating this training center. “We wanted to bring the experience and know-how acquired to professionals in the sector and also to people who love good food. For five years they went to meet them, they helped the former in the kitchen, in the organization, in the development, the latter offering them cooking classes.

90m2 in the Salvaza area

Logically, the next step was to have a showcase, which was done since the beginning of the year with the construction of a building in the Salvaza area of ​​Carcassonne. A banquet hall, a professional kitchen of 90 square meters, a large room of the same surface for lessons and meetings. Chef Franck Putelat spontaneously sponsored NadéoPro: “With the health crisis many employees in the hotel and restaurant sector have left their profession, he explains. For example, my two establishments normally employ 80 people. Currently there are about fifteen missing and it is very difficult. Find them. This training for adults, I believe. Many are those who change their professional orientation. We have to attract them by providing them with a background technique. Last week I was with the starred chef Alain Ducasse, in Paris, in the 16th arrondissement, when he was organizing This type of training. For people who liked to cook at home during Covid, it is good to teach them the basics. Nadine and Olivier Ferry also rely on a MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in pastry, who regularly provides assistance. Jérôme Chaucesse worked for 14 years as a pastry chef at the Hôtel Crillon, in the capital. He will be present again in Carcassonne from 9 to May 12. The courses for cooks, pastry chefs, entrepreneurs of small structures who often perform the function of chefs, take place over one to five days and can be taught individually or collectively up to a dozen people looking for improvement, both in the kitchen than in hygiene, or even the management of their establishment. This type of training is expected to develop in the future. Today NadéoPro is at the forefront of the Aude, and there is no doubt that it will be followed with a view to providing an optimal consultancy and support service to catering professionals.

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