can we go to the restaurant this summer?


The summer season is approaching and in the tourist areas there are fears of being able to adequately accommodate customers. Restaurants, due to a lack of staff, are increasingly likely to reduce the number of seats or simply close on certain days. Testimonials to Besse in the Sancy.

It is market day in Besse in Sancy this Monday, May 16, 2022. People come and go on the streets of this medieval city. The sun is here. The open terraces are stormed. Because they are less and less open on Mondays despite the hustle and bustle of the city. At the Hostellerie du Beffroy, red napkins are neatly arranged on the white tablecloths. Everything is in place and nothing will move until the next day. Closing the restaurant on Monday is the decision Thierry Legros reluctantly had to make three weeks ago. It lacks staff. “People want less and less to work in the hotel industry”He explains. “It’s a tough job where you have to work evenings, weekends and holidays. “ Since the covid emergency, there has been no motivation. “Employees got used to going home in the evening. “

From kitchen to kitchen, from counter to counter, the same story is told. Michel Fauchet has held Le Bessois in the main square of this tourist resort of Sancy for eleven years. It is activated for the next customers who will soon place an order. It is one of those that still remain open on Mondays. But he needs a dishwasher and a waiter. “We are understaffed and we don’t know where they are. Those who come out of school, we don’t know where they are. Seasonal workers, we don’t even know where they are “he jokes. If it cannot find the necessary staff to guarantee the summer season, it intends to reduce the number of seats in the dining room and on the terrace. “There are a lot of people who don’t want to work because they are already paid a little to stay at home. It allows you to work on the side, without declaring it and apparently the government suits them! “lose this cook, disillusioned.

Benjamin Dauzat even offers a CDI in his bar-tabac. No application. “People make the seasons and are on vacation at the moment, therefore unemployed. So they don’t want to hang up the job right away. “ To ensure the summer starts soon, this boss will do his best to keep his place open 7 days a week. But in his other restaurant in Aubière, he has already had to close for two days in April. “Today we train cooks and assistants ourselves, because we don’t find more qualified people. “

One in three positions is not occupied in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, according to the UMIH (Union of Trades and Hotel Industries). What impact will it have on the next tourist season? It is still impossible to say. “This winter the problem already existed and we didn’t feel it”says Luc Stelly, director of the Sancy tourism office. The fear is rather in the medium and long term if the quality of the service drops. “The staff that institutions find are often less trained with less experience. This can play out negatively over time. “ Luc Stelly hopes the clientele will fit in and now starts making reservations before going to the restaurant. “These difficulties will have no impact if we change customer habits. ”

For its part, UMIH is working on a partnership with Tunisia to bring seasonal workers this summer.

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