Basketball. In Caen BC, a mission, a leader and soldiers


Carl Ona Embo, Fred Loubaki and Tom Wiscart Goetz (back) dream of taking Caen to the playoff final, then to Pro B.
Carl Ona Embo, Fred Loubaki and Tom Wiscart Goetz (from behind) dream of taking Caen to the playoff final, then to Pro B. © Aline Chatel

In the regular season, the strength of this group has rarely been evident. The players’ adherence to the speech of their coach no longer seemed obvious. For a long time, Caen Basket Calvados pursued an identity that eluded him. “We are not in the nails, Fabrice Courcier acknowledged in the heart of March. What we get does not live up to my expectations. There are values ​​that seem important to me that I don’t touch today within my group. Two months later, it was a transformed CBC who qualified for the playoff semifinals.

A united group

This “metamorphosis”, as the coach calls it, is probably due to a number of reasons. But there is certainly more mental than basketball. These Normans who suffered so much at the end of the regular season and at the beginning of the second phase have become the main actors of their history. Poitiers, beaten for the second consecutive time on Friday 13 May 2022 (81-83), had little to be ashamed of. The club relegated from Pro B, author of a great season, had simply come stronger.

Everyone is involved and everyone notices it. Nobody wants to betray their teammates.

Fabrice Courcier

Investments are no longer floating in Caen. It has been total since the second leg of the round of 16 against Lyon SO. The inhabitants of Caen were nourished by the immense popular support they received at the Palais des Sports. Since then, and while their desire to reach Pro B seems to have weathered all the storms, they have steadily gained momentum. “Seeing them undress as they do on the pitch is a real pleasure,” admits Fabrice Courcier.

“Kids are receptive”

The Nordic has long chased the right formula this season. Eventually he found her. The victory in Poitiers, with a Marcus Relphorde contained to 9 points, is also his. On the eve of the start, on the floor of the Palais des Sports, he had detailed at length his strategy to counter the American. The message, once again, has arrived.

My satisfaction is that this group meets my expectations, but without them neither can I. Guys are responsive.

Fabrice Courcier

Fabrice Courcier seems to have regained the trust of his men. They return it to him. “Without a support group, who want to undress each other, we can’t do anything,” he said. I like this. “In Poitiers, the pre-match discourse was ‘powerful’ in this dimension. “I used the words I had inside of me, I gave up. I opened up with them. “

Leader and hierarchy

The post-match was also full of emotions. “We wanted to enjoy it all together. The solidarity shown on the ground finds continuity on the outside. The people of Caen are on a mission. Their leader is filled with anger at the victory, perhaps tenfold since his imminent departure. He found in his troop relays. that he was missing before.

Carl Ona Embo, MVP for four games in a row, is extraordinary. Kevin Bracy Davis finally has the leadership that could be expected from his talent. Everyone does the work for their own place and in their own register. It is no longer a question of misplaced egos or shunned responsibilities. In their research, the coach and the players are hard at work.

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