Audincourt. The … chocolate pit of angry Bikers to denounce the worm-eaten pavement


In its straw nest nestled in one of the depressions that truffle the road, the chocolate hen won’t be around very long. Ladle, no more than ten minutes. Tempted by this hen with greedy curves enthroned in the middle of the road, a motorist stopped, opened the door, stretched out an arm and grabbed the docile bird. Despite the loud shouts and then the laughter of the angry Bikers. “In any case, it would have melted under the sun”, dissolved Marcel Maion, a motorcyclist from Vandoncourt who, on Easter day, broadcasts this national action of the FFMC locally.

“For the bumps we find the money …”

A symbolic gesture, the day of the hunt for eggs, chickens, bells and the like to denounce the “pitiful state of the streets. Imagine, in less than 10 years in the road condition ranking, France has dropped from 1ref. at 18 And square ! Marcel Maion attributes this dizzying descent to decentralization: “the State has delegated the responsibility for road management to the Departments, which do not have the means to properly maintain the roads”. Manu, a Belfortain biker, gets ready: “the most surprising thing is that we find the money to install the bumps, you want them and that’s it, and sometimes damaging chicanes but nothing, or very little, to keep the roadway”. «Yes», ​​Francis de Champagney abounds, «we have the gravel plugged, patching up the bitumen which ends up cracking». The motorcyclists of the FFMC give proof of this in the holes that were dug after beating the RD 437, the two times two lanes that cross the industrial area not far from the heart of the city in Audincourt. It was here, on avenue de la Révolution, that they acted on Sunday. “This axis where more than 4,000 vehicles pass a day is in a sad state.”

Would a chicken run for the presidential elections?

First of all by placing, clearly visible on the traffic light poles, warning signs with a gironde hen in the center. Then inflating the same panel on the roadway. Finally, as a nod to Easter, by installing a chocolate hen and her eggs in a hole, a straw nest “recovered from a stable”. An action that also earned them an identity check by a passing police patrol. He suspected the action of political activists in a wild poster campaign at next Sunday’s election venue. “Would a chicken run for the presidential election? »Asks him, not the handle but the crooked smile Marcel Maion. “Our action has no other ambition than to improve road safety”. “Pans are very dangerous for motorcycles,” adds Yohan, from Besançon. “Either you bend a circle or you lose direction. In any case, we are on the ground “. Angry motorcyclists are thinking of another action, this time against city speed cameras, 23 in the recently established village of Montbéliard alone. They are not waging a crusade against radar. Precisely against the lack of signs to report them. And they’re going to fix it.

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