attacked the former Top Chef candidate, what happened?


Thomas Chisholm: attacked the former Top Chef candidate, what happened?

THOMAS CHISHOLM. Attacked with a stabbing this Monday night, May 16, cook Thomas Chisholm, former Top Chef nominee, was seriously injured but his vital prognosis is not committed. What we know.

[Mis à jour le 16 mai 2022 à 16h37] On Monday May 16, Top Chef Season 12 nominee Thomas Chisholm was stabbed at the exit of the Grand Palais in the 7th arrondissement of Paris as he was leaving the Taste of Paris culinary festival he had attended. The young cook’s vital prognosis is not committed.

According to a message posted on the Instagram account of Thomas Chisholm’s restaurant, the author of the facts is “a person outside the chef’s team” who was arrested a few minutes after passing by Gergovie in the 14th arrondissement of Paris near the Gare Montparnasse. This drama comes just days after the death of the son of Yannick Alléno, the multi-starred French chef who regularly appears in Top Chef.

The drama took place at the exit of the ephemeral Grand Palais, near Gate C, this Monday morning at 1:40 am, according to Le Parisien. Thomas Chisholm has just taken part in the penultimate day of the Taste of Paris festival, a four-day event of culinary events that brings together around thirty chefs and representatives of the next generation, during which temporary restaurants are set up.

A violent argument would have broken out between Thomas Chisholm and a young man, both allegedly alcoholics according to a video tweet by RTL. The fight would then have involved a dozen people. The young cook is stabbed in the back of the thigh. The suspect flees. Supported by the emergency services, Thomas Chisholm was quickly transported to the Georges-Pompidou European hospital because his life prognosis was busy. This Monday afternoon, a message posted on his restaurant Chocho’s Instagram account announces that his life prognosis is no longer committed:

Who is Thomas Chilsholm’s forward?

At the scene of the attack, the police found a knife and identified the alleged culprit thanks to Thomas Chisholm who took the time to name his attacker. Police arrested the escaped assailant on his way home at around 2am from Gergovie in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, holding a bloodstained white shirt in his hands. The 19-year-old young man, unknown to the police, is taken into custody at the police headquarters in the 15th arrondissement. The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the accusation of attempted voluntary murder.

Who is Thomas Chisholm?

The young French-American chef was born in New York but has lived in France since the age of 14, in Perpignan, his mother’s hometown. He discovered his passion for cooking during his eighth grade internship and, passionate about street art, he designed his recipes as graphic paintings.

Thomas Chisholm began his career as a chef in the restaurant of the 4-star hotel Le Vieux-Castillon in the Gard department, in the Occitania region. His career then moved to the capital, becoming sous-chef at the Routes restaurant, then referee at Thierry Marx’s Sur Mesure. His last experience, before opening his own restaurant, was as a sous-chef de cuisine at the AT restaurant of Japanese chef Atsushi Tanaka, based in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

He has cooked all over the world, from Australia to Chile, passing through Luxembourg. He has become a public figure since his appearance in Top Chef in 2021. This 30-year-old chef amazed the Top Chef jury with his graphic creations.

What is Thomas Chisholm’s restaurant?

In 2021, the 30-year-old chef “decided to stay in Paris” with the Covid-19 health emergency and in November he opened his Chocho restaurant, rue du Paradis in the 10th arrondissement, with Catalan and American culinary creations.

In which season of Top Chef did Thomas Chisholm appear?

We got to see Thomas Chisholm in Top Chef season 12 on M6 in 2021, integrated into Michel Sarran’s yellow brigade by making a “pumpkin pie at 3am and his glass of milk” for the first broadcast event. . He will then join the red brigade of Hélène Darroze. His elimination took place during the ninth episode. Famous for his artistic toppings, he had preferred to “lose his head held high” while cooking, “rather than making dishes just to win events,” he had confided to the Parisian.

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