A young pastry chef invents goat milk chocolate in Tréport


From cocoa beans Basil Fouquemberg has invented a new goat milk chocolate.  An original recipe, “Made in Le Tréport”.
From cocoa beans Basil Fouquemberg has invented a new goat milk chocolate. An original recipe, “Made in Le Tréport”. (© The Informer)

Of goat milk chocolate, you like? This is what Basil Fouquemberg, manager of the biscuit and chocolate factory Eden Piccardlocated at the foot of the funicular Treport (Seine-Maritime).

A surprising recipe that will allow people intolerant to cow’s milk to enjoy a good chocolate.

Passionate craftsman from an internship in a bakery in the EU, the young 22-year-old entrepreneur has no shortage of ideas.

Less than three months after opening his shop, he just launched a new recipe: goat milk chocolate.

“Thanks to the sales made during the Christmas period, I was able to buy a new machine that allowed me to create this new recipe”.

With this coffee grinder consisting of two stone wheels, Basil Fouquemberg can now transform cocoa beans into chocolate, after a skilful mixing of this raw material with cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

Two attempts before the perfect recipe

“After only two attempts at the beginning of January, I found the definitive recipe on January 14,” says Basil Fouquemberg enthusiastically.

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Inspirational encounters

The idea of ​​this original chocolate stems from meetings with producers who cross the markets of the sector.

“In particular, I met the milk producer at the La Petite Caulette goat farm, located in Tourville-la-Chapelle. The idea was born after discussing with her.

He supplies me with goat milk and will sell my chocolate, ”explains the chocolate manufacturer.

Basil Fouquemberg also asked Killian Rimbaut, a friend he met in college, who is getting closer to 3D printing in Saint-Blimont: “He made molds for chocolate bars with the logo of a goat.”

For him the place is very important. “I always try to highlight our region and the city of Le Tréport. For example, I indicate Made in Tréport on the packaging ”, explains Basil Fouquemberg.

Not just for the taste

With its bars, Tréportais wants to allow people intolerant to cow’s milk to be able to enjoy a good chocolate: “This recipe allows some lactose intolerant people to taste milk chocolate. I am lucky enough not to have allergies, but I am thinking of others ”.

The taste of goat’s milk is noticeable in this new recipe: “That was not the goal. I didn’t want the taste to be pronounced, on the contrary, ”says Basil Fouquemberg.

The pastry chef also hints at new creations for the next few months: while preparing his first chocolate bars, he noticed that the lid that wraps the cocoa beans also had an interesting taste.

Instead of throwing this bark in the trash, he invented a machine to easily retrieve it. “I put some in the biscuits. The recipe has yet to be refined, but the taste is interesting “.

Clement Dumouchel and Lucas Farcy

Practical information: The shop is located at 41 rue Amiral Courbet, at the foot of the Tréport funicular.

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