A rich man humiliates a poor family in an expensive restaurant and the waitress teaches him a lesson


A wealthy executive objects to having a modest family in an upscale gourmet restaurant, but ends up learning a valuable lesson.

Jordan Scott had a permanent reservation at New York’s most exclusive restaurant, Le Dauphin. He dined there at least twice a week and loved the exclusivity atmosphere as much as the delicious food.

It was special for him to walk into the quiet restaurant, with only the faint sounds of silver and crystal and the soft whispers of conversation from the refined diners. It was heaven and he loved it.

One night, Jordan was happily flipping through the menu when his ideal shattered. Loud voices interfere, coarse voices, children’s voices! He sees Ivonne, his favorite waitress, escorting a family to a nearby table.

A family ! Jordan rarely saw families at the Dauphin. And what a family! Jordan could see that Le Dauphin was not their usual meeting place. The parents were in their thirties and modestly dressed, both children were in their early teens.

Ivonne begins explaining the chef’s menu and specialties when her mother interrupts her: “Sorry, it all seems so expensive! Is there something simpler and more affordable on the menu?”

“I want a hamburger!” the boy exclaims, and Jordan gasps. A dolphin burger? One of only five restaurants in New York to have five Michelin stars? It was inconceivable.

Jordan Scott had a permanent reservation at New York’s most exclusive restaurant | Source: Unsplash

Jordan intervenes. “For piecere!” he said, “If you want cheap and junk, there’s a grill across the street that’s just your style!”

“Excuse me?” the father asked, blushing. “Are you talking to us?”

Money doesn’t give you the right to demean people.

“Yes,” Jordan said arrogantly. “If you can’t afford or enjoy the kind of food Le Dauphin serves, you have to go.”

“We have every right to be here!” her mother cried.

Jordan loved delicious food | Source: Unsplash

“The right? Money buys the rights,” Jordan grins, “and you don’t look like you can afford baguettes at a truck stop.”

“Listen,” said the father, visibly trying to stay calm, “all we want is to have dinner in silence. It’s a special occasion, a party …”

“Hurray!” Jordan exclaims mockingly. “Go party somewhere else. Can’t you see you have nothing to do here?”

The mother put a hand on her father’s arm. “Listen, Jack, let’s go …”

Jordan Didn’t Expect To See A Family At His Favorite Restaurant | Source: Unsplash

The father, Jack, looked at Jordan. “No, Sally! You’ve always dreamed of having dinner here, and it’s your birthday. We saved up for it and we’re not leaving.”

Jordan starts laughing. “Whoa! Did you have to save up for this like it was a vacation? It’s so … pitiful!”

Jack gets up. “You’re right, Sally, we better go before I do something rash.”

At that moment Ivonne intervened. She placed a gentle hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Please, sir, sit down. I’ll take care of it.” Ivonne walked over to Jordan’s table. “Mr. Scott,” she said softly, “I have to ask you to leave.”

The waitress, Ivonne, has decided to intervene | Source: Unsplash

“Leave? Me? Stupid girl. Have you forgotten how much money I spend at this restaurant? How much do I tip you?” Jordan gasped.

“No, sir, I haven’t forgotten, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult other customers,” Ivonne said calmly.

“Call the manager,” Jordan asked, and Ivonne did. The tall, elegant gentleman quietly listened to Jordan’s ferocious rant on low-class customers spoiling the mood, and Ivonne’s request to leave and nodded.

“Oh dear,” he said. “Yes, I see that he is really upset, Mr. Scott …”

“Stupid girl. Have you forgotten how much money I spend in this restaurant?” | Source: Pexel

Jordan gave Ivonne a triumphant look. “I want this woman to be fired!” she screamed.

The manager continued “… and I have to ask you to leave and come back when you are in a calmer mood.”

“WHAT?” Jordan shouted. “Are you kicking me out? I’ll destroy your restaurant’s reputation! I have power, influence, money …”

“Mr. Scott,” the manager said calmly, “if you don’t leave now, I’ll call the police and have you kicked out. Looking back, you’re banned from the Dolphin for life.”

Spitting and panting, Jordan left the restaurant. The manager approaches the family table and introduces himself. “I heard, ma’am,” he said to Sally, “that dinner at the Dauphin is one of his dreams of her, and is it her birthday?”

The manager calmly said, “If you don’t leave now, I’ll call the police.” | Source: Unsplash

“Yes,” Sally said, blushing. “I’ve seen this restaurant in a movie and I’ve always wanted to be here …”, he pointed to the elegant decor, “It’s a dream come true.”

“In honor of your birthday, Le Dauphin would like to give you and your family a dinner courtesy of the house.” She winked at the boy. “And I think I can persuade the chef to make us a very special burger and fries!”

As they walked away from the family table, Ivonne told the manager, “Sorry sir, I have lost a valuable customer and one that will cause us trouble.”

“No, Ivonne,” said the manager, “you did the right thing. Mr. Scott is a nasty lawyer and no amount of money gives him the right to humiliate and belittle the people around him.

The chef even managed to imagine a beautiful birthday cake for Sally | Source: Unsplash

“We are here above all to serve people, to give them a happy experience, the memory of a perfect meal – and that’s why this family came here. What about us? We don’t just make money – we are human.”

The family had a great meal and the chef even managed to create an adorable birthday cake for Sally, complete with candles. It was magical, as it should be.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Money doesn’t give you the right to demean people. Jordan thought he was above family because he was rich, but he learned a brutal lesson in manners.
  • Defending people’s right to be treated with dignity is more important than making money. The manager rightly chose to put family rights over profit when Jordan insulted them.

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