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In recent years, attitudes regarding the consumption of protein products have changed. Changes embraced by the Myprotein brand. Interview with Axel Falempin, marketing manager of Myprotein.

The story of the sports nutrition brand Myprotein

MyProtein is an English brand created in 2004 that offers sports nutrition and protein products for people who exercise regularly, at any level. Since 2012 the company has started exporting its products to the rest of Europe, in particular to France, Italy and Germany. Today the brand is present all over the world: in America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Currently the market leader in sports nutrition in Europe, Myprotein offers a range of quality products, including protein powders, vitamins and minerals, high protein foods, snack substitutes and sportswear, sold primarily online. While Myprotein began offering snacks and protein bars, protein powders, vitamins and protein drinks on the market, the brand has also developed a range of clothing suitable for different types of physical activity.

Quality sports nutrition My proteins

Quality sports nutrition accessible to as many people as possible

The brand was born from the desire to offer the best possible food supplements on the market, at the best price. A different positioning from the brand’s competitors who offer highly marketed products.

Myprotein nutritional products are dedicated to all people with an active lifestyle to support them in their goals: improvement of sports performance, development of muscle mass, weight loss, etc. Products suitable for both experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as well as those who want to support their progress and meet their daily protein needs.

Sports nutrition is adaptable to all diets and can be consumed in different ways, depending on individual goals. However, the consumption of these proteins and food supplements is not mandatory. This is what Axel Falempin explains to us.

“Our Myprotein sports nutrition products are developed to meet the diverse goals of our consumers. They can help strengthen a diet, gain muscle mass, lose weight, improve joint health, or even strengthen the immune system. But they are by no means mandatory. Consuming Myprotein products is like taking a winter vitamin cure to avoid getting sick. It is not mandatory, but it has advantages. Our products are aids, supplements that can help athletes progress. By consuming protein powders, it may be easier and cheaper to progress towards mass gain. “

Sports nutrition accessible to all My proteins

The evolving market for sports nutrition

Myprotein has faced many misconceptions about sports nutrition and bodybuilding protein. While their consumption is becoming more democratic today in France, just under 10 years ago, the consumption of protein shakers and other sports nutrition products was not as popular because it was associated with prohibited methods of improving performance.

Now, as Axel Falempin tells us, mentalities are changing. This change opens up new possibilities for the sports nutrition brand Myprotein: “We are noticing that more and more people are approaching bodybuilding. We also conducted a survey asking internet users what they expected more after the covid, and the overwhelming majority replied “The opening of sports halls”. During the first and third births, we also noticed an increase in sales, because confined to their homes, the population tended to do much more sports.“.

Myprotein teams realized that the French population needed to be advised and supported to gain confidence in this type of product and perceive its many interests and benefits.

For this brand, present almost exclusively online, it was interesting to call influencers on social media such as Justine Gallice, sports coach or Amaury Leveaux, Olympic swimming champion. Today Myprotein has 85 influencers with various profiles at its side (Olympians, professional bodybuilders, fitness, lifestyle, etc.). They help explain and inform their audience about the benefits of sports nutrition.

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