a candidate returns 10 years later!


TOP CHEF 2022. For the first time in ten years, an iconic Top Chef nominee will make his return on Wednesday 18th May to the show. Find out who he is!

[Mis à jour le 16 mai 2022 à 08h46] This Wednesday 18 May will mark the great return of a emblematic candidate of Top Chef ! Ten years after his victory, John Imbert it will in fact welcome the five candidates still in contention from season 13 a Plaza Athenée. The starred chef will ask them to update a great classic of French cuisine: the vol-au-vent.

Unqualified candidates at the end of this first test will have to sublimate the tomato to create an original dish that will be tasted blindly by the jury. To help them get the best of themselves, they will be coached by former guests this season, namely Dominique Crenn, Alexandre Mazzia and Alexandre Gauthier. Finally, the two young cooks who will go as a last resort will compete in a trial around the lamb.

Who is the Top Chef winner?

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Who was eliminated this week?

Lilian was eliminated after thirteen weeks of competition. “I wanted to win Top Chef for myself and Paul Pairet, but I’m proud to finish 6th. I hadn’t really cooked for two years, due to Covid I had stopped cooking, but thanks to Top Chef I went back and I really want to chase my dreams. “” You have to make a promise to return to this profession. I wish you success with all my heart, “said Paul Pairet, very moved by the departure of his candidate.

  • Week 12: Wilfried elimination
  • Week 11: Elimination of Thibaut
  • Week 10 : The return of Thibaut and Lilian who have been given a second chance. Elimination of Lucia.
  • Week 9 : Abandonment of Lilian and return of Wilfried. Elimination of Thibaut.
  • Week 8: Wilfried elimination
  • Week 7: Victory for Mickaël, Wilfried and Arnaud during La Guerre des Restos, no candidate eliminated
  • Week 6: Elimination of Ambrose
  • Week 5: Elimination of Elis
  • Week 4: Elimination Logan
  • Week 3: Elimination of Tania
  • Week 2: Elimination of Renaud
  • Week 1: Elimination Elliott

Top Chef Season 13 Episode 12 Recap

Arnaud and Mickaël won the Mike Bagale event, which consisted of denouncing a cause they love with a plate. The former had chosen blood donation when the latter had protested against intensive animal husbandry. Louise was Dominique Crenn’s favorite in the fish event and the chef also qualified Pascal. Lilian was eliminated.

Who Won the Top Chef Restaurant War 2022?

The team formed by Mickaël, Arnaud and Wilfried won the Guerre des Restos with their Philo Saucisse concept. The trio also opened an ephemeral restaurant in Paris on April 20 through the end of June so that Top Chef viewers can discover their menu.

What are the Top Chef season 13 brigades?

This season, the brigades have particularly evolved between eliminations and redeployments to rebalance the teams. To see more clearly, here is the current composition of the brigades:

  • Philippe Etchebest Brigade: Pasquale and Michele
  • Brigade of Hélène Darroze / Pascal Barbot: He knows
  • Glenn Viel’s Brigade: Sebastiano and Arnaud
  • Paul Pairet Brigade: Liliano

Who are the contestants for season 13?

Among the 700 nominations received by the production, 15 candidates attracted their attention, including 3 Belgian. This year twelve men and three women will compete for the title of Top Chef 2022. Here are their portraits.

Who are the members of the jury?

Let’s take the same ones and start again, well almost … Paul Pairet, Hélène Darroze and Philippe Etchebest are once again preparing the ground for the thirteenth season of Top Chef. Also on board is a newcomer: Glenn Viel, the youngest French three-star chef who heads L’Oustau de Baumanière in Baux-de-Provence.

What are the new trials of season 13?

Evidence legends like “The Black Box” or “Who can beat Philippe Etchebest and Paul Pairet?” come back this season 13. But Top Chef 2022 also marks the arrival of new events conceived by the greatest chefs in the world. Candidates must then, for example, create a shocking-looking dish to defend a cause they care about, imagine a “live” dessert, cook a fruit in an original way or even work chocolate into a savory dish.

Not available on Wednesday evening? No problem, it is possible to see Top Chef in replay on 6play but also on the Salto platform.

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