A 100% address dedicated to cheesecake just opened its doors in Paris (and makes you hungry)


Located in the 10th arrondissement of the capital, the Atelier du Cheesecake presents its ultra-gourmet creations: reinvented cheesecakes and new recipes every season. Bar pleasure for our taste buds!

L’Atelier du Cheesecake opened its doors on May 19th in Paris! Credit: Cheesecake Workshop / Instagram

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Welcome to the cheesecake temple! Of North American origin, cheesecake is traditionally composed of a mixture of cream cheese, eggs, sugar and an aroma (vanilla or lemon for example) that is baked on a biscuit-based cake base. This is the so-called “New York style” recipe, but there are other versions such as no-cook preparations. In terms of flavors, there is no limit to indulgence! Speculoos, chocolate, red fruits, coconut, caramel … It is up to you to indulge yourself according to your wishes with all these gourmet recipes.

So if you are like us and you love this soft, creamy and tasty dessert, you too will jump for joy when you hear this good news. A cheesecake bar has just opened its doors in Paris! Yes, it’s time to activate the alert “porn foodbecause it really makes you hungry. On the menu? Many recipes made by hand and on site that are renewed every season. The originality of this address? Cheesecake whose shape has been redesignedbe enjoyed more easily on the go“.

Credit: Cheesecake Workshop

L’Atelier du Cheesecake, cheesecakes to make you lose your mind!

The concept of single-product bars, we love it! Millefoglie bar, croque-monsieur bar or tiramisu bar, these addresses that offer a very specific theme satisfy both our taste buds and our students. And we had to find a shop that specializes in one of our favorite desserts, cheesecake. It’s done with the inauguration of the Atelier du Cheesecake in the 10th arrondissement of Paris on May 19th!

Credit: Cheesecake Workshop

With their innovative shape and intoxicating flavors, the Atelier du Cheesecake offers tons of gourmet recipes! They are also committed to the quality, sourcing, traceability and seasonality of its products. Also for this reason the menu will change with the seasons. All creations are handcrafted and locally made to ensure an ultra-gourmet moment.

From the most classic to the most original, which cheesecake will you fall in love with?

Credit: Cheesecake Workshop

On the spot or to take away, let’s discover the cheesecakes at “the elongated shape with more biscuit for easier tasting on the goThe ambition of the Cheesecake Workshop? Offer more than traditional cheesecakes! Since opening on May 19th we have a choice of eight absolutely irresistible recipes! Here they are: Madagascar vanilla, raspberry, Granny Smith apple, lemon meringue, olive oil and grapefruit vanilla, raspberry and pink lychee, rhubarb and maple syrup, and finally strawberry verbena mint.

Credit: Cheesecake Workshop

We agree, the hardest part will be choosing. As for the price, count between € 5.90 and € 6.90 for the cheesecakes. Hot and cold drinks are also available to accompany this wonderful snack break.

So, are your mouth watering? Why we do it … Come to the Atelier du Cheesecake for a real gourmet moment!

Cheesecake workshop, 12 rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Paris.
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm

Credit: Cheesecake Workshop

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