6 organic and Made in France spreads


On pancakes, waffles or even eaten with a spoon straight from the pot, the spread takes up a large place during our favorite snacks. With a strong nutty taste, it has many variations based on dark chocolate, salted butter caramel, hazelnuts, pecans and peanut butter or even red bean purée! To offer consumers a wide choice, some local artisans do not hesitate to offer alternatives that are often less sweet, vegan and without palm oil. Tasty like the so-called classic spreads, these are also good for health and the planet, because they do not contain toxins and additives. But be careful, do not abuse the good things and consume this product in moderation, because some spreads, even organic, can contain a high level of sugar.

To choose a good eco-responsible and organic spread, you need to be interested in its composition and in particular prefer a product containing rapeseed or sunflower oil in addition to cane or coconut sugar, as the Shop Ecolo website reveals. However, if none of the spreads sold in supermarkets satisfy you, you can also make your own, adding the ingredients you want! Simple and clever, some tutorials available on the Internet will teach you in a few steps how to make it. Ready to get started? If you’re hesitating between different organic and hazelnut spreads, don’t worry. We have listed for you 6 tasty products from French brands that will delight your taste buds, at affordable prices.

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The Nocciolata di Rigoni di Asiago, 3.85 euros for 350g

Without gluten and without palm oil, the Rigoni di Asiago cocoa and hazelnut spread is a real treat. Made in Europe and organically grown, this spread has it all, both thanks to its carefully chosen ingredients that give it a fragrant taste. “Without traces of GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides”, it can be enjoyed on toast, or even incorporated into cake recipes!

Objet Fétiche’s artisan cream, € 9.90 for 220g

Composed of 46% hazelnuts, this cream, in addition to being vegan, has almost 100% organic ingredients. It is produced and stored in the workshops of the Objet Fétiche brand located in Île-de-France. If you like the “crunchy” effect of the pieces of hazelnut on your slices of bread, then you will not be disappointed! As the What What blog reveals, she has ” a pronounced nutty flavor and a good dose of sugar “and it turns out to be close” a chocolate praline which gives it a unique taste. Plus, all of his packaging is recyclable!

Vegan friendly Uff! from Funky Veggie, 3.95 euros for 200 g

With 100% natural and vegetable material, Made in France spreads Phew! by Funky Veggie is a godsend for chocolate lovers. Its pronounced cocoa taste makes it a must for our morning sandwiches! Plus, it’s gluten-free, refined sugar-free, oil-free, and contains no dyes or preservatives. In short, in addition to being succulent, it is clean! A real treat.

Go Nuts organic hazelnut chocolate spread, € 9.79 for 265g

This product has only two fair trade ingredients: 79% roasted hazelnuts and 60% cocoa chocolate! Greedy and tasty, Go Nuts’ spread is low in sugar. Whether on toast or in your healthy bowl, it will bring some crunch to your meals.

Chocobella di Damiano, € 5.51 for 200g

Coming from Sicily, this spreadable cream is made from hand-picked and sun-dried fruit. Palm oil free, it is made from cane sugar, roasted hazelnut puree, cocoa powder, sunflower oil and roasted white almond puree. All of these ingredients obviously come from organic farming and provide sufficient nutritional intake. Whether for breakfast, in your cakes and even in your smoothies or milkshakes, this tasty and melting spread is sure to become your must-have!

Cocoa spread with hazelnuts from the organic garden, € 6.19 for 750g

With its creamy and dense texture, the organic hazelnut cocoa spread is a real treat for the taste buds. In addition to being particularly gourmet, it comes from organic farming and fair trade and does not contain palm oil. It will be perfect for vegan and gluten-free diets and will soon become your best ingredient for your pancake nights.

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