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The reasons for afternoon sleepiness in the office are manifold. Your lack of sleep can be explained in the first place by too short a night. But this sleepy state often results from digestion causing hypovigilance. In fact, the desire to sleep is caused by digestion. This he asks 5 to 10% daily energy expenditure. Furthermore, when it passes through the intestinal wall, nutrients are broken down and stored in the form of triglycerides and glycogen, which consume even more energy.

In the American magazine Time, Dr. Tomonoro Kishino, a professor at Kyorin University in Japan, explains that blood flow increases in the intestines to aid digestion. Due to this, the concentration is maintained more on the digestive system, the amount of blood decreases in the brain, which can trigger a feeling of drowsiness.

However, there are some techniques to combat it in the office. So, if you’re starting to shy away from the 3pm meeting, here are some helpful tips to boost your productivity at work.

Light lunch

The watchword is definitely a light lunch. This will allow you to maintain your energy. For this it is necessary to avoid sugary foods, carbonated drinks and carbohydrates in general. Bet more on healthy energy sources – hard-to-digest foods take a lot of work from the body.

How do we explain dietician and nutritionist Sylvie Barouhiel “the more the meal is rich (in lipids and carbohydrates) and abundant, the longer the digestion will be and will cause the fatigue stroke which is difficult to resist. Some foods cause a spike in serotonin and insulin. These are two hormones that don’t have the same goals. Fish and dairy products are richer in tryptophan and accompanied by starchy foods (pasta, chips, rice, bread) in large quantities in the meal composition can trigger serotonin, [précuseur de la mélatonine, l’hormone du sommeil, ndlr] and this irrepressible desire to take a nap. To avoid this kind of inconvenience it is preferable to reduce the starchy part. Have fish and dairy products for dinner. Fruit and dairy products as a snack “, advises the expert.

Lower the temperature

A desk with a high temperature causes a state of sleepiness and leads to loss of concentration. Ventilate your workspace by opening the windows and refresh your office a bit. When it’s hot, remember to lower the blinds. If that’s not possible, try getting some fresh air during breaks.

Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate lovers rejoice. Products with 60% cocoa content can stimulate brain abilities and make the brain more alert. Enough to recharge your batteries!

“Raw dark chocolate, preferably organic, contains polyphenols and flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants, B and E vitamins, minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, manganese and calcium. It also contains protein theanine, theobromine, tyramine, phenylethylamine and fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid A good quality chocolate brings health benefits linked to the macro and micronutrients it contains To combat sleepiness, chocolate must be well dosed in the proteins theanine, theobromine, tyramine and phenylethylamine which act on the neurotransmitters of the brain and help with better alertness, asafe Sylvie Barouhiel.

Drink licorice tea

Licorice helps stimulate the body. This plant can be consumed in different forms depending on individual needs. However, you can consume it as an herbal tea in the office.

Licorice improves difficult digestion, increases tension and helps give energy. However, the consumption of licorice is contraindicated in case of high blood pressure or pregnancy. warn our specialist.

Mydear mint chewing gum

Last tip: chew some chewing gum or peppermint candies. Indeed, the potent mint aroma can bring a boost and refresh your spirit!
According to a study conducted by Professor Andrew Smith, a behavioral scientist at Cardiff University, on the unsuspected qualities of chewing gum, chewing one allows the trigeminal nerve to function. The latter is the largest of the cranial nerves that awaken our attention.

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