10 years later, the manager receives a letter


Beautiful things come to those who wait. A mother sent a 50-euro note to a restaurant manager years after eating it. The gesture hallucinated the owner who told this story on social networks.

But what happened? The events took place in 2010 in Mulhouse. One day, a mother has lunch with her children at a kebab restaurant called Le Bosphore. If the meal went well, apparently her mother was in a very complicated personal situation and the manager had seen nothing but fire, reports L’Alsace.

One day he receives from the hands of a man an envelope with a 50 euro banknote, accompanied by an anonymous handwritten letter. On this sheet you could read these words:

“Hello, Mr. Chief of the Bosphorus. I am giving you this letter with € 50 to return your money. In 2010 I ate with my four children. I had just gotten out of a divorce, the situation was desperate and I left without paying. I recently recalled this story. I hope you will forgive me for this. May Allah grant you success in your life […] Forgive me, I sincerely regret it ”.

A moving story, “to raise awareness”

This story shocked the current Bosphorus manager, who was only 13 at the time. Now 25, he took over the family restaurant, and so it was he who relaunched the note written by his mother on Facebook. “How touching”Guney Cokkaya reacted. “Since there were quite a few customers, I didn’t have time to read this letter right away. I thought maybe it was someone who wanted to provide food for others ”.

After reading the letter, she asks her father, then the restaurant manager, if he remembers this lady who left without paying in 2010. “You don’t remember. But it must be said that, like everyone in catering, we see all the colors! “explains his son. It is therefore not known whether this mother “ran away” with her children without saying anything or if she explained that she could not afford to pay.Guney Cokkaya continues.

Finally, while the latter regularly offers meals to the needy, he did not want to publicize the story, it was one of his friends who runs a solidarity collective, who asked him if he could broadcast it on Facebook, explains La Voice of the North. “He asked me if he could share the story on social media, to make people aware that they have their hearts in their pockets.”

In a Facebook post, the restaurant manager wrote these words: “We all have our history. Here is one lived 10 years ago … If you see this message, please know madam that you have been forgiven from the first day, your story as well as your letter moved us deeply. I hope to see you again in our restaurant … “

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